Young Investigator Meeting (YIM) Committee

YIM Co-chairs and Committee

Inhye Ahn, MD
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
Bethesda, Maryland, United States

Shih-Shih, Chen, PhD
Karches Center for Oncology Research,
The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
Manhasset, New York, United States

Petra Langerbeins, MD
University of Cologne
Cologne, Germany

Marek Mraz, PhD
Masaryk University
Brno, Czech Republic

Talha Munir, MD
Leeds Teaching Hospitals,
National Health Services Trust
Leeds, United Kingdom

Bartosz Pula, MD, PhD
Institute of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine
Warsaw, Poland

Elisa ten Hacken, PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Boston, Massachusetts, United States