Young Investigators Meeting (YIM)

About iwCLL’s Young Investigators Meeting (YIM)

One of the goals of the iwCLL is to promote the development of emerging scientists, both clinic- and laboratory-based, who will continue to unravel unanswered questions in CLL. This meeting endeavors to encourage the development of emerging talent devoted to making significant impacts in the care of patients with hematological malignancies.

Since 2005, the iwCLL has been preceded by a Young Investigators Meeting (YIM), which offers an opportunity for participants to present & discuss their data with peers. YIM is a forum for tomorrow’s leaders to network and collaborate with today’s experts in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. A “Young Investigator” is defined as any physician or scientist who is presently in a residency, fellowship, or doctoral training program, or who has been in such a program within the past 10 years. These could also be students in graduate or medical school working toward a career in hematology/oncology in the areas of clinical and/or basic research.

The YIM is planned as a relaxed forum in which junior researchers — those normally conducting much of the CLL research under the direction of more senior scientists and clinicians — can discuss their own information and solicit feedback from peers, mentors, and experts. The full-day YIM preceding the iwCLL meeting will present exciting new concepts emerging from clinic- and laboratory-based research regarding the pathobiology and treatment of CLL, which is unfortunately still an incurable disease despite numerous recent breakthroughs. The majority of the content for the YIM will be derived from selected abstracts.

In addition to the clinical presentations and discussions, YIM attendees will hear presentations from senior faculty focused on career development topics.