The XIX International Workshop on CLL Frequently Asked Questions 2021


Will the conference be virtual?

Yes. The iwCLL will now be fully virtual in 2021.

In what time zone will the conference occur?

The iwCLL will adopt the Central European Summer Time (CEST) time zone.

Will sessions be available online during and after the conference?

Yes. Sessions will be pre-recorded and available for on-demand viewing on the day of the conference and post-conference for any registrants unable to attend a session.

How long will all recorded sessions and live broadcasts be available?

Paid registrants will have access to on-demand content for 90 days after the conference. After 90 days, some conference highlights may become available to the public.

When will the recorded sessions and live broadcast be available?

We do not have an exact date for when the recordings will be released. Please continue to check back for more information. 

In what language will the conference be broadcast?

The iwCLL sessions will be presented in English only.

How will I access the virtual conference?

You will have access to the conference platform 1 week before the start. A web link will be provided via email. You must sign in with the same email address used during the registration process. Please confirm the email address associated with your registration is accurate to avoid delays in receiving our communications. You may need to check your Spam or Junk folder if you do not receive a confirmation email immediately upon registering.

Can my computer or mobile device handle the virtual event?

Most up-to-date computers and mobile devices such as laptops, desktops, and handheld tablets can run the virtual event. We recommend joining the meeting a few minutes before the start time to ensure you can view the sessions. If you have any trouble, please contact us.

Will I be able to see the presenters for each session?

Yes. You will be able to see all session speakers along with their presentations.

Do I have to be on camera during the event?

No. You (participants) will not be shown on camera during the event. 

Can I ask questions during the sessions? 

We encourage you to ask questions at any time using the chatbox widget. These questions are displayed to the session presenters for review and response during the live session or afterward as a follow-up.

Can I apply for EACCME accreditation? What is the process to receive these credits?

Yes. You (all participants) are eligible for accreditation but should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of your participation in the activity. Certificates will be provided electronically after you complete the conference and session surveys.


What information do I need to provide during the registration process?

We will need your general contact information including name, company/institution, job title, work address, and phone number. You will need to select whether you are attending the iwCLL meeting, Young Investigators Meeting or Payment may be made by credit card or wire transfer.

What is the deadline to register (group and individual)?

You may register up until the start of the conference. Please note registration prices increase as it gets closer to the conference dates. The early bird rate ends on 30 June 2021.

What are the steps I need to take to register a group?

  1. Follow the registration process for the first attendee until you reach the Registration Summary page. Scroll down where you will find an area that indicates group registration. When you click here, it will bring you back to the registration process where you can add in the second attendee. Repeat this process for up to 100 conference attendees in 1 payment transaction.
  2. When we have received your registrations and processed your payment(s), you will receive confirmation emails.
  3. If you need to register more than 100 people, you must begin the registration process from the beginning. 

Submitting Abstracts

Will you accept encore abstracts?

Encore: Abstracts containing updated data with respect to a previous presentation may be submitted. Authors must supply information regarding the original presentation for identification and comparison purposes, indicating the name of the meeting, year, and/or publication number. Abstracts published or presented before 1 December 2020 will not be accepted. 

Will Trials In Progress abstract submissions be accepted?

Yes. If you are submitting a clinical trial, indicate if the trial has been registered and provide the registry and registration number. We discourage the submission of isolated case reports and hypotheses unsupported by data.

Do tables and charts count toward the submission’s 700-word limit?

No. Including tables and charts in your submission will not count toward the 700-word limit.